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CCL is an extremely powerful and capable programming language. It's data manipulation functionality is second to none and Cerner should be commended on creating such an amazing tool.

Far too often however, the power and elegance of CCL is misunderstood and inexperienced CCL developers become frustrated and create reports that have lengthy and sloppy code that perform poorly. Many times, CCL programmers blame CCL for the failures and faults of a report when some simple code cleanup is all that is needed.

Some CCL programmers today believe that with cost based indexing you no longer need to worry about indexes. This belief is wrong and leads to poor performing CCL scripts

Many of our clients contract us to clean up old source code and in almost every case we have been able to eliminate 50% or more of the source code and improve performance of the report.

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Our popular Queue Buster service can eliminate your back-log of CCL requests and free up your team for more pressing current needs.

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At Precision Healthcare Solutions, we fully understand CCL are able to leverage the power of the language to create efficient reports and extracts that are easy to maintain and modify later by other programmers. We accomplish this by following a set of programming rules developed and established by our founder, John Simpson. These rules layout all CCL reports and extracts in a specific pattern that is easy to implement and repeatable in every script. Like a recipe for baking a cake, there is a proper way to write CCL reports.

When writing efficient CCL code, we follow these principle rules:

Faster, better and cheaper

It doesn't take long for our clients to realize that contracting with Precision Healthcare Solutions results in excellent CCL report delivery. Our CCL scripts are fine tuned code that are all based on many years of development experience. We specialize in performance tuning reports and the products we deliver prove it. Our techniques and experience also give our clients some incredible cost savings as well. Since our code is developed with a strict pattern, we have no bloated code and our scripts consistently run with fewer lines of code than our competitors. Fewer lines of code take less time to write and less time to test resulting in fast development turnaround.

Often when clients do a CCL script quote comparison, they ask why the development hours in our quote is so much lower than our competition. Where a competitor may quote 40-100 hours for a job, often we quote 10-15. Our quotes are lower for a number of reasons, but primarily our quotes are lower due to our experience writing CCL reports and extracts following our development techniques and standards. Our CCL development offerings are a fine tuned service that nobody else can deliver.

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